Disposable glass catheter for Gastroesophageal pH-metry

The “Jubileum” probe is a disposable probe for measuring gastroesophageal pH with a glass sensor

DM “Jubileum” is a nasogastric catheter that is introduced nasally up to the esophagus. It remains in place, measuring the values of the esophageal pH, for a duration of 24 hours.

Disposable catheter for esophageal manometry e rectal

The EU-CAT catheter is a single-use product for the
measurement of esophageal and rectal pressure based
on open-tip technology.

The EU-CAT catheter for esophageal manometry is a
nasogastric catheter that is introduced by the way
nasal up to the esophagus. The rectal one comes
introduced to the anal area up to the area of the rectum from
to investigate.